Like many wonderful products, our Truckin' Good Jerky was born by chance.

It all started over 20-years ago when Derek and Jo (D&J) had a young family and were preparing biltong and jerky at home using a secret family recipe.

Friends and family would pop by to try the wonderful jerky and word soon got out. Within weeks, Derek and Jo were taking dozens of orders and the garage of the family home was transformed into a small biltong and jerky factory.

Derek and Jo's jerky proved so delicious, so popular, so addictive that they were struggling to keep up with demand. Everyone who got a taste of the delicious jerky was hooked and coming back for more. Demand for the jerky kept growing at a sensational pace until eventually the operations had to be moved to a purpose built factory.

Today, some 20-something years on, Truckin' Good Jerky and D.Jays Gourmet are some of the most popular and loved meat products around Australia, selling to thousands of suppliers, including IGA, Caltex and many other trusted chains.

The one thing that has not changed, is the flavour. Deliciously seasoned, soft and juicy to perfection. Derek and Jo are still at the factory on a daily basis and are still the jerky and biltong supplier of choice to all those loyal customers who sparked the D.Jays Gourmet story over 20 years ago.

We are sure that once you try our Truckin' Good Jerky, nothing less will do!