What Are The Health Benefits of Beef Jerky Australia?

Unless you’ve somehow been sleeping under a rock the last couple years and have been ignoring social media, the daily news or basically any kind of media – you should be very aware that in 2015 we are living in an ever growing health conscious society, something we’re personally very fond of here at Truckin’ Jerky and we hope to see these “trends” continue for many more years to come.

It’s hard to really pin-point exactly why our society is starting to become more health conscious and maybe it has something to do with the fact that 67% of Australians have been deemed obese but whatever the reason, here at Truckin’ Jerky we are all for it and love that our beef jerky Australia products are here to help with the movement.

We must say that we also have a sneaking suspicion that to the outsiders of the beef jerky world you may be very doubtful of the health benefits that beef jerky has to offer.

With that said let us indulge you in some facts before you choose to willingly indulge in Truckin’ good beef jerky, Australia.


1. Beef Jerky Is High In Protein

That’s right folks, our Truckin’ good beef jerky Australia is actually high in protein.

So while some of you may opt to go for the bulk chicken order week in and week out and have it followed by a Vanilla protein shake to get your protein fix – you could also be indulging in some Truckin’ good beef jerky to help your muscles and energy along the way.

Basically with small doses of protein in your life you can guarantee that your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood will not be at their peak performance… and we can’t have that now can we?


2. Beef Jerky Australia Is Low In Fat

It’s low in fat but high in protein? WHERE DO I SIGN UP YOU SAY!

Well here at Truckin’ Jerky we’re not here to brag or anything but it’s true.

Our beef jerky is low in fat and that means you won’t have to feel guilty if you actually choose to over indulge from time to time and while with anything in life we recommend moderation, we do get it, our jerky is tasty and we would be lying if we didn’t say we weren’t guilty of it ourselves.


3. No Preservatives & Gluten Free Is The Beef Jerky Way

Just the final touch of perfection with our Truckin’ good Jerky is that we have zero preservatives, that’s right; you heard correctly… none!

We like to keep out beef jerky as natural as possible and be able to assist all diet types with keeping it Gluten Free.

So say what you will, we think we’ve got the perfect jerky pretty well covered!


Still Think You Need To Cut Out Snacking?

That’s right, we didn’t think so.

With the world ready for change and choosing to make health a priority, it is no wonder beef jerky is also starting to appear on the radar as a fair contender for a lot of people out there who may not have known about beef jerky in the past.

As always if you wish to order more or try your first Truckin’ Good Jerky, head on over to our online store to choose from 1 of 4 beautiful flavours, we’re sure you will love it!