3 Reasons Why Beef Jerky Australia Is Growing In Popularity

Lets face it, there has and always will be countless of “snack” options throughout the Australian food market to satisfy the hunger needs of countless people, some more appealing than others though, that’s for sure!

Biscuits, Potato chips and Chocolate are some of the most common items of food on the Australian market that come to mind when people think about the term “snack”… unfortunately so though those are also the most common items that also come to mind when people think of the Australian obesity crisis that now effects over 67% of Australians according to the World Health Organization.

It’s with that astounding statistic and fear of more Australians becoming obese that many of the public are seeking healthier alternatives for their snack choices.

And while nuts, muesli bars and yoghurts are great and much healthier options compared to the former, they’re not necessarily an option for everyone.

With that said we feel there are 3 key reasons to why Beef Jerky in Australia is becoming a more popular snack with every week that passes.


1. The Health Benefits Are Undeniable

It seems only fitting that we continue going down the route about health benefits when it comes to Beef Jerky being a great snack option.

Why to a lot of people who may just be glazing over beef jerky at their local supermarket or petrol station while out truckin’ and thinking “dried meat, there’s no health benefits in that”… they don’t actually realize how far from the truth they actually are.

Truckin’ Jerky is high in protein, which makes it a great post-exercise snack, it’s low in fat compared to those chocolate bars and potato chips, contains zero preservatives and is ALSO gluten free… not bad right for some “dried meat”?


2. The Cost

We’re going to get real with you for just a minute because we get it… price matters… every dollar counts these days, even when it comes to purchasing groceries or maybe, especially when it comes to purchasing groceries.

But that’s where our Beef jerky Australia is making some noise with the prices starting from as little as $9.50 per 100 grams of our traditional jerky – it’s a very cheap way to have a snack on the go.


3. The Shelf Life

Lets set the record straight off the bat here, you’re not actually required to keep your Truckin’ Good Jerky on a shelf – we’ll leave that completely up to you.

But unlike those chocolate bars, chips and biscuits we were talking about earlier… our beef jerky Australia has a shelf life of exactly 12 months.

It becomes more cost effective because you know you can spend your dollars and not worry about food spoilage if you don’t eat the jerky in time – it’s just down right convenient for all involved.


In Summary

Between the health, cost and convenience benefits that beef jerky Australia actually has to offer the consumer, it really isn’t much of a shock that in 2015 we’re seeing the demand for great tasting Truckin’ Jerky continue to rise.

If you want to find out for yourself head over to our online store and order your first bag of Truckin’ Good Jerky today – try the extra hot chilli if you’re feeling extra adventurous!