Truckin' Jerky is part of the D.Jays Gourmet group, a family owned business based in Perth W.A.

Our small team of jerky, biltong and droewors specialists, meticulously prepare our products on a daily basis from the highest-grade meat available. We use our secret recipes and the freshest ingredients to create a truly special experience.

We pride ourselves on our high quality and great tasting Traditional, Chilli and Smokey flavoured beef jerky and Traditional, Chilli or Pepper flavoured biltong.

Yes. Apparently even athletes and cyclists love Truckin Jerky because it’s a healthy, low fat, high protein snack that’s simply delicious. Having said that, truck drivers are considered to be the ultimate Jerky connoisseurs and our Jerky is a clear favourite among truck drivers nation-wide.

All our beef is 100% premium grade Australian beef. We meticulously select only the best cuts to ensure you get the best products.

All Truckin Jerky is lovingly handmade by our Jerky specialists in our jerky factory in Perth WA. We take meticulous care to choose only the best cuts of meat and have impeccable standards of preparation and hygiene.

Yes. Truckin Jerky is a natural and healthy snack suitable for children able to chew. Our product may be particularly useful for teething babies (though perhaps not the Chilli flavor!). Be careful with young children who may be losing their baby teeth as the Jerky can be quite chewy. Common sense should help answer this question…

No gluten is detected in our products however we have not been certified as gluten free. This means that while we believe the products contain no gluten, we cannot label them ‘gluten free’. 

NO! Truckin Jerky does not use MSG in our products and never has.

We put a "Best Before" of 6 months of receipt of Jerky.

Just try it. It’s like no other. You’ll never look back.

We have some customers who consume 1KG of Jerky per week. Having said that, because Jerky is low in fat and high in protein, you can consume significant quantities of it. Just be careful not to get too muscly from all that protein!