D.Jays Gourmet supplies Truckin' Jerky to a wide range of convenience stores, liquor stores and supermarkets. We can provide biltong, beef jerky and a variety of display units if required. 

Our products are high value, impulse products and we are a reliable and ethical supplier with an impeccable reputation in the marketplace.

Our Jerky and Biltong are great lines because they are high-margin and often generate a drink purchase at the same time. Ours is a category where people are extremely brand loyal. If you stock Truckin' Jerky, you will likely receive repeat business. 

Dry biltong is Gluten Free and therefore a very strong drawcard for people with Celiac disease or people with gluten intolerance. Go to Nutrition Information »

We are happy to do the first order on consignment and are happy to ensure there are no overstocking or out of code issues.

You can reach out to us on our contact us page to start the conversation.